Why Am I Shy? How To Overcome Shy?

Shyness is something that affects millions of people around the world, and these people that suffer from this problem find that they are completely unable to communicate with members of the opposite sex. Men are usually the ones that are the most shy around women, especially women that are very attractive. If you are shy, you may find that understanding the reason for your being shy will help you to know how to overcome your shyness.

Poor Self Image
A large percentage of the people around the world that suffer from shyness have a poor self-image, low self-esteem, and a total lack of confidence as a result. If you find that you have a hard time approaching women, you may find that it is due to your negative thoughts about yourself. You may think that you are not attractive, not as charming or witty as those around you, or you feel you cant think of something to talk about.

The reality is that your poor self-image is actually contributing to your shyness, but it is all in your mind. If you let yourself feel shy around women, you will find that your self-esteem and confidence will begin to diminish in every area of your life. In order to overcome your shyness, you will need to work on building your self-confidence back up to a healthy level that will enable you to be outgoing and reach out and interact with others.

Being Too Focused on Yourself
A surprising number of people who suffer from shyness feel that they are being placed on stage when they interact with those around them, and you may find that you suffer from stage fright like many other men and women when you need to interact with members of the opposite sex. When you feel this stage fright, you will find that you are too focused on yourself and on presenting the perfect image to those around you.

This stage fright and performance anxiety will play a big role in your ability to communicate with others, thanks to the fact that you are so desperate to put on your best performance. If you really want to interact well with others, you will need to get over the feeling that you are on stage. You will find that a surprisingly small number of people around you are actually paying attention to you and what you do.

You Have Been Labeled
Labeling is a problem that faces many people around the world, and the labels hung on a person can stick with them for the rest of their life. If you have been labeled by others, or you have hung labels on yourself, you will find that these labels will stop you from interacting with others easily. These labels will get in the way of your being able to easily interact, and you will find that they will be as true as you let them be.

If you think you are one way, that is how you will be. If you think you are confident, you will be so. If you think you are shy, you will be so. Change the labels that are hung on you to change the way you react in a situation.

Top Ways You Can Get Over Shyness

While most people deal with feelings of shyness at some point in their life, other people deal with this problem on a regular basis. However, you dont have to deal with this problem. Youre probably familiar with that awkward feeling that occurs when you end up in a large room of strangers or the anxiety you feel in social situations. By dealing with shyness, you can avoid having these feelings and you can start enjoying life even more with confidence on your side.

Way #1 Understand It
The first way you can get over that shyness that you deal with is to understand the problem. Everyone has their own unique brand of shyness that they deal with and this also manifests itself in different ways in each persons life. Also, work to figure out what triggers you to feel shy and the concerns that you deal with when you feel this way. The more you begin understanding the feelings and what causes them, the easier it will be for you to overcome them.

Way #2 Learn Your Strengths
Another way to get over shyness is to learn your strengths. Everyone has their own strengths. You have your own unique way of expressing yourself and qualities that no one else has. Realize this and understand what a special person you are. Consider the things that you are good at and then focus on doing these things, which will give you a boost in the self esteem you feel. This helps to provide you with the confidence you need to break beyond the barriers or shyness. Also, consider how your strengths provide you with advantages.

Way #3 Start Liking Yourself
Most people who feel shy dont really like themselves. Its important that you start liking yourself and you should appreciate the things that you have to offer. Be thankful for your body and the functions it can provide effortlessly. Spend time finding out the great qualities that you have to offer. Consider actually writing a love letter to yourself, expressing all the things that you really love about yourself. This will work to boost your view of yourself, which is helpful in overcoming problems with shyness.

Way #4 Avoid Trying to Fit In
Many shy people try to fit in with others to get over the shyness they are dealing with. The problem is that fitting in is not fun and it can be exhausting. You are fine the way you are and youll feel better if you are just yourself. After all, being popular is not going to make you happy. Learning to accept yourself and being happy with yourself will provide you with freedom and joy.

Way #5 Focus on Others
Last, you can help to overcome problems with shyness by focusing on other people. When you feel shy, you end up focusing on how you are feeling. Instead of focusing on yourself, work on focusing on other people. Listen to what they say and really have an interest in others. This can help you to get over feeling shy and make it easier for you to feel comfortable in social situations.

Way #6 Comfortable with yourself
The best thing that you can do to boost your confidence is to become comfortable with yourself. You are who you are, and nothing can change that. Rather than being angsty or shy about what you consider to be defects or flaws in your personality or character, enjoy yourself for who you are. Revel in the fact that all of the things in your life make you unique, and get comfortable with being yourself.

Way #7 Don't Be So Seriously
Stop being so seriously and taking life too seriously. Many people are shy because they feel the need to perform or achieve something. The reality of life is that you can enjoy life without taking things too seriously, and you will find that lightening up and living life with fewer concerns will help you to be more confident.

Way #8 Dont overthink
Dont overthink the process of communicating, dating, or overcoming your shyness. Take it one step at a time. Focus on overcoming your shyness one day at a time, one action at a time, and one conversation at a time.

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