Understand the Cause Shyness to Overcome the Problem

When you want to overcome the shyness that you deal with on a regular basis, its important to actually better understand the problem. Most people arent sure why they feel shy, which means its more difficult for them to deal with this problem and get beyond it. Everyone really deals with shyness, although at different levels. Youll actually find that there are specific reasons that people deal with shyness. Here is a look at some of the most common problems that can cause you to deal with shyness.

Problem #1 Youre Preoccupied with Yourself
One of the problems that can cause shyness is being preoccupied with yourself. Sometimes when you are with other people, you may feel like you are center stage, which can make you very sensitive about yourself. When this occurs, you start feeling anxiety and then you begin questioning every single move that you make. This occurs because the focus is on yourself and what you are doing wrong. This can quickly become a problem and can cause shyness to be a big problem in your life. Sometimes you may cause a cycle of feeling that you cant do anything right because your senses become heightened to everything that you do. The good news is that you can get beyond this preoccupation when you realize that it is occurring.

Problem #2 You Have a Weak Self Image
Another of the problems that can cause you to have a problem with shyness is having a weak self image. Often your weak self image goes back to school. You may think that you werent cool, that no one admired you, or that you didnt have good qualities. Most kids in school work to fit into school and those around them, which can cause further problems. You may have tried fitting in so much that you dont even feel like yourself anymore. Its easy to start viewing others as being cooler and more interesting then you, which can lead to anxiety and shyness in the future. Its important to get beyond this weak self image. Start working to realize all that you really have to offer and understand that its okay to be yourself. You dont have to fit in with other people.

Problem #3 You Label Yourself
Labeling is also a problem that can lead to problems with shyness. Many people make the mistake of labeling themselves as a shy person, which makes them feel like they have to live up to this expectation. You may start to believe that this is really how you are and you may even begin believing that you cannot change. Soon you may feel that people expect you to be shy so you dont work to get over this shyness. Dont label yourself. You are beyond a label. No one can put a label on you, so avoid labeling yourself as a shy person.

10 Steps to Overcome Shyness

Overcoming shyness is vital, as many people find that their lives could be much better if they could simply force themselves to talk to someone to whom they are attracted or interested. If you suffer from shyness, here are 10 steps that will help you to overcome your inability to communicate and will transform you into a person of confidence.

Step 1: Understand Yourself
Understanding your shyness and the reasons behind it will play a large role in your overcoming it, as it will help you to see why you are shy. Knowing the why of it can help you figure out how to overcome your shyness.

Step 2: Become Self-Aware
A surprising number of people have no idea of what they are capable of, what they can do, and what they have to offer those around them. If you want to turn your shyness into self-confidence, become aware of what makes you unique.

Step 3: Focus on Your Strengths
Everyone has something that they are good at, whether it is something personal or professional. Building confidence means building on the things you are confident about, such as your abilities, looks, personality, etc. Focus on the things that you are good at, and you will find that confidence will come as you play to your strengths.

Step 4: Love Yourself
Shyness has a great deal to do with lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. In order to overcome your shyness, you will need to begin to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are. You may have things that you dont like about yourself, but everyone has something they can offer those around them.

Step 5: Be Unique
The thing that makes you such a wonderful person is that you are unique from everyone else around you. If you can find those things that make you different from everyone else, you will find that you will be much more likely to be confident about these things.

Step 6: Breathe
Shyness is often accompanied by anxiety and stress, and you will find that taking deep breaths can help you to overcome your anxiety. Breathe deeply, take the time to relax, and let the stress flow from your body.

Step 7: Focus on Others
Dont think about yourself as you step out to talk and interact with others, but think about them. If you think about your shyness, it will stand in your way like a brick wall. If you can think about how the other person feels in the situation, you will find that your shyness is no longer an issue.

Step 8: Move
Movement can be one of the best ways to release your stress and tension when interacting with others, which is the reason that so many people go dancing. If you are stressed or tense, move around, dance, or take a short walk to help you reduce the tension you feel.

Step 9: Visualize
See yourself being successful and confident, and you will be.

Step 10: Quit Being Perfect
No one in the world is perfect, and you will never be able to have the perfect interaction with anyone. Stop trying, and you will find that your interaction is much easier and more comfortable.

Relaxation and Other Tricks to Eliminate Shyness

Is shyness holding you back in life? It doesnt have to. You can overcome this problem and enjoy being yourself. While you have probably heard about many methods of eliminating this problem in your life, you may not have thought about using tricks like relaxation to overcome this. You may be surprised to find that you can quickly and easily get over this issue that is holding you back. Here is a look at relaxation and other great tricks you can use to eliminate shyness.

Deep Breathing to Relax and Overcome Shyness
When you feel shy, you probably tense up and feel uptight. Relaxing is important and can help you to overcome shyness in your life. One of the tricks you can use to relax and eliminate shyness is to use deep breathing. While it may sound strange, breathing the right way can actually be a huge help. When you are feeling shy, the fear and anxiety can quickly start to overwhelm you. However, breathing exercises can be a huge help. To overcome the anxiety and to relax in these situations, work to take deep breaths while closing your eyes. Focus on the breathing and as you exhale, focus on clearing away the negative thoughts in your mind. Use this in situations where you feel shy. Youll relax and focus on your breathing, helping to leave the shyness behind you.

Using Movement to Release Anxiety

Another trick you may want to try to eliminate shyness is using movement to release your anxiety. Anxiety is often viewed as energy that is blocked in your body. You need to find a way to release the anxiety, which will help you to relax and deal with shyness. Physical movement is one of the best ways to release and eliminate the anxiety that you are feeling. Try exercising to get rid of some of this energy you are dealing with. Jogging or walking both can be effective, helping you to refresh your mind. Meditation is another method of exercise that can help you to release that anxiety. You can focus on tensing specific muscles and then relaxing them to let the anxiety float away from your body.

Visualization Exercises You Can Use
Youll also find that visualization exercises can be used to help you overcome problems with shyness. This is all done within your mind. Try to use your mind to visualize yourself as confident in social situations. To start out, work on relaxing and closing your eyes, envisioning yourself without shyness. Focus on the situation being the way you want it to be. Think about how it feels, the sounds you hear, and the things you see. Make this feel real. Continue to do these visualization exercises on a regular basis. This will help you in real social situations to have positive energy that helps to dissipate the shyness you often deal with.

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