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Understand the Cause Shyness to Overcome the Problem

When you want to overcome the shyness that you deal with on a regular basis, its important to actually better understand the problem. Most people arent sure why they feel shy, which means its more difficult for them to deal with this problem and get beyond it. Everyone really deals with shyness, although at different levels. Youll actually find that there are specific reasons that people deal with shyness. Here is a look at some of the most common problems that can cause you to deal with shyness.

Problem #1 Youre Preoccupied with Yourself
One of the problems that can cause shyness is being preoccupied with yourself. Sometimes when you are with other people, you may feel like you are center stage, which can make you very sensitive about yourself. When this occurs, you start feeling anxiety and then you begin questioning every single move that you make. This occurs because the focus is on yourself and what you are doing wrong. This can quickly become a problem and can cau…

Why Am I Shy? How To Overcome Shy?

Shyness is something that affects millions of people around the world, and these people that suffer from this problem find that they are completely unable to communicate with members of the opposite sex. Men are usually the ones that are the most shy around women, especially women that are very attractive. If you are shy, you may find that understanding the reason for your being shy will help you to know how to overcome your shyness.

Poor Self Image
A large percentage of the people around the world that suffer from shyness have a poor self-image, low self-esteem, and a total lack of confidence as a result. If you find that you have a hard time approaching women, you may find that it is due to your negative thoughts about yourself. You may think that you are not attractive, not as charming or witty as those around you, or you feel you cant think of something to talk about.

The reality is that your poor self-image is actually contributing to your shyness, but it is all i…

Boost Your Confidence To Build Self Confidence

Confidence is not something that comes naturally to many people, and many people suffer from serious shyness issues. If you find yourself suffering from problems with self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence, there are many things that you can do to boost your confidence.

Boosting your confidence can help you to overcome problems that you have with shyness, and below you will find some great practical things that you can do to boost your confidence with the goal of overcoming your shyness:
Write down all of the successes of every day. Success can be something as small as making a tasty meal, or could be as large as closing a lucrative deal. Anything that you do successfully should be written down in a book, and you can read back over your weeks successes to help you build your confidence in your abilities.Force yourself to do things that will get you out of your comfort zone, things that will make you comfortable with being uncomfortable. Many people that suffer from shy…

What's difference between Love Shyness And Social Anxiety?

Loveshyness can all too often be passed of as a symptom of a more general pattern of social anxiety.
Loveshyness has been ignored by the psychological community at large.  It has not been included as a diagnosis in the DSM-IV, a database of current psychological diagnoses.  However, social anxiety disorder is prominently featured.

The problem is that many love-shys do not exhibit the signs of traditional social anxiety disorder, and often have their own specialized issues.  The DSM-IV categorizes social anxiety as:

A persistent fear of unfamiliar social situations in which the individual may be open to scrutiny.  The individual fears they will embarrass or humiliate themselvesThe individual experiences intense anxiety in social situations, which may devolve into panic attacks.The fear is unreasonable or excessive.The individual avoids these stressful situations.By avoiding these social situations, the individual incurs consequences which have negative effects on their life.  H…

What You Should Know About Confidence and Self-Esteem And Corellation With Shyness and Social Anxiety

Have you ever turned on a light switch? If you have, how well do you think you do it? I bet you think you're pretty good at turning on the light. That is what confidence is, it's the way you feel about accomplishing a task.

However confidence not only applies to what you've done before but also to something you've never done before. For instance, let's say you've never tied a shoe lace, your ability to learn how to tie a shoe lace will depend on how confident you are that you can accomplish the task. If you think it's nearly impossible (unconfident) then it'll be very hard to learn. If you think it'll be easy (confident) then you'll pick it up easily.

What is Self-Esteem
Self-Esteem is confidence in oneself, it's related to your self-worth. Having a healthy sel-esteem is essential to a happy mo…